The beginnings of the club can be traced to 1994 when the first original members of the club began to attend motorcycle events and similar events. In 1995 the base was formed for 5 permanent members and needed other. Then we began to consider establishing an official motorcycle club. We had a model in pre-existing clubs, where we sought the necessary information and advice. The only thing, we did not clear, whether to join the official MC scene or go their own independent way.

PIT BULLS CZECH MC Origin of club

Conditions for the origin were simple – idea of the name of the club, hold at least once a year event or party for bikers, a clubhouse and driving.

In April 1996 the motorcycle clubs PIT Bullswas origined – dog breeds according to its exceptional strength and courage. It creates the first logo, which became the symbol of the club vests all members. Another condition was a clubhouse – it was initially solved by hiring one of the rooms in the pub near Brandys n.L. Then we managed to hire and gradually reconstruct the old waterworks, which still serves the club.

Historically, the first club meeting was held 1996 in Probošts lakes and is an annual tradition, only with change of place – meeting held on Ovčáry near Brandys nad Labem.

Club at the crossroads

The year 1997 was decisive for the existence of the club. Members are divided into two groups differing attitudes about the functioning of the club. In the same year was also a conflict with existing MC clubs and it needs to reassess the whole situation. From the original number of members remained nine, who decided to start from scratch – to communicate, correct relationships, to become full member of the MC scene. It was created a new logo, who mets the requirements of the MC.

PIT BULLS CZECH MC Journey to the acceptance of the MC clubs

The road to acceptance was not easy and it should be a lot of work.It was build the clubhouse, were organized events for other clubs and 3 meeting was given the traditional title “Howling”. We recruited more members and we take most of the established rules for the functioning of the MC club.

Pit Bulls MC

In spring 2000 Pit Bulls were officially accepted as the MC clubs. Others maintain the MC stage is for us a challenge and a promise of unending work.

PIT BULLS CZECH MC Change “Color” 2007

During 2007, there is a change of club colors. Reason to change were the color combinations that have not been used in context with the orientation of the whole Czech MC scene of some of the European and world scene MC. It evoked a lot of confusion when we were confronted with other clubs so the colors were changed.

PIT Bulls MC UNITED Jubilee in 2010

This year is an anniversary – we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the MC clubs with all the rights and responsibilities which that entails.

If we want to summarize the activities of the past ten years – we are the owners of the club house and surrounding land. We organize an annual motorcycle event Howling, which takes place at the campsite Ovčáry. Its organization is not the lightest matters, but all fans of motorcycle racing this year we have welcomed the fifteenth.